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Rob Stewart and Ian Durkee are two lifelong hip fans, who after winning ticket lottery and attending the final show in Kingston on August 20th, came up with an idea. All inspired by a simple custom made t-shirt that summarized their thoughts on a Canadian Icon - Gord Fucking Downie.


The idea did not come out of being foul, nor was it done to upset or offend.  It came out of a moment. After the last song had been played on stops along this most recent tour, fans exited hockey arenas and the only appropriate thing to say after the performance given.  - "Gord... Fucking.. Downie"  A simple nod or cheer was given, and those fans went about their lives.  This shirt is that nod.

This is a place to share our love of a simple t-shirt. A simple shirt and using it to not only show pride, show where you have been, where you are going, but to make a difference and support the Gord Downie Fund for Brain Cancer Research at Sunnybrook Hospital.

All proceeds from the sale of shirts will go towards the Gord Downie Fund.

How much per shirt? The more shirts we sell, the cheaper they are to produce and the more money goes to charity!  We will be keeping a running total on this main page, so check back and see how much has been raised so far!  This is not an opportunity for us to cash in.  We both have day jobs and this isn't a part time job.  Just a chance for us to give back.

This is a webpage for the fans.  A place to hear the story of how a race from Barrie to Kingston Friday afternoon came with a prize of seeing one of the most important events in Canadian History.  It is also a way to hear how other Canadians and fans spent that amazing Saturday on August 20th honoring a music legend and great Canadian.

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