About us

The story of how we raced to Kingston from Barrie at 4pm to meet the 8pm lottery pick up cut off is an interesting one.

The road trip started off as "We are not going to make it.." and only went up from there.
In the coming days we hope to fill you in on what was an amazing weekend with tons of great people. 
Part 1 - A lottery Ticket.

A lottery.

That is what it came down to.  A microscopic chance, what we now know to be a 0.1% chance of winning.  That is what it came down to for us to go to the Tragically Hip final show in Kingston.

Despite the fact that I attended the 3 shows in Toronto, and Ian made it to the Friday show, we both had a desire, almost a need to be in Kingston for this show.  Our week had been filled with watching videos we had recorded from the Toronto shows, debating the perfect Hip set list and looking forward to and dreading the final show in Kingston with a mix of emotions that I have never experienced in my life.

After thinking, stewing and dreaming about Kingston, I knew -  I was going.

I made the decision the Tuesday before to purchase tickets; the question was, how much?  During a weak moment I reached out to someone on Kijiji.  You know where this is going.  After taking every precaution I could, I got the short end of the stick.  Money was lost.  $1000 gone, with nothing to show for it but a police report, and an open case with Interac and a few other agencies.  I knew I had a pretty good chance at getting my money back, but the loss of the tickets is what stung the most.

I checked Ticketmaster every day, every couple hours, analyzed how ticket prices were looking on Stubhub and weighed out my options.  All the while we had one last chance.  A literal lottery setup by the Tragically Hip to award 50 lucky fans, 2 tickets each to the final show in Kingston, that was our way in.  But that was a long shot, a pipe dream, next to no chance of happening right? Right?

So I thought.

..Part 2 coming soon..