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Jesus, these guys are good. 

I have no idea where else to post this or whether or not this kind of post is allowed here, but here we are. I'm from Wisconsin and have never been to Canada in my life, but I watched the Hip's last concert because I was curious about it.

And holy shit. It was amazing. I asked some Canadian friends of mine for songs recs, and I haven't stopped listening to the Hip since then. I can't relate to many of the Canadian references and need to look most of them up. But I still listened to Lake Fever literally 21 times yesterday. Grace, Too and Scared are among my top played on Spotify. Gord Downie's theatrics on stage and his strength is remarkable. They're all amazing.

I feel like a fraud for getting so into them so quickly and not even being a citizen of their home country, but they're just. so. good. Canada is lucky as hell to have such a spectacular band.

- Reddit User: Jordy_Nelsons_ass